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Corporate Recruitment

Great Employee Wellness Practice

Great employees do not need to deal with their personal problems alone.  Hublink Co. Ltd employee wellbeing program (HCLWP) believes that,  staffs plus their relatives who may be facing problems that are challenging to handle have a round the clock access to qualified expert, from psychologists to independent financial advisers. If the employees are facing problems, which could possibly affect their work life, for instance mounting debts, household disputes, and employees can choose to seek for some advices from specialists either in person or as group from us. The main purpose for this initiative is to assist employees to navigate issues face in everyday life.

Hublink Co. Ltd believes that by providing psychological and emotional support to the employees the less the company’s productivity will suffer when a staff is in crisis. Under the same initiative, the organization has also put in place an interactive multilingual online portal that offers staffs some health risk assessments that help them make an informed decision to better their psychological and physical wellbeing.

Expertise in Human Resource discovered that there is a very close link between the organization’s bottom line and the employee’s wellbeing. The more satisfied the employees are, the harder they work. For last few years since Hublink Co. Ltd started introducing and also implementing this initiative to the clients there have been positive results.

These activities have generated some positive feedback from the staffs. As Hublink we consistently monitor feedback from the staff and it has been very positive. Staffs enjoy their work life more with these small additions. “As a company with potential employees you should be committed to your workforce and they should be your invaluable assets”.

Happy employees directly translate into happy customers.”