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Category: OUR RECRUITMENT PHILOSOPHY Published: Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Hiring new staff can be an expensive and time-consuming process, it’s therefore critical for us to get it right if possible the first time. As our mission states to instigate, elevate and provide tools for change and growth our dream is to make sure that you recruit someone who's the best person for the job and who fits into your organization, so that you're not facing continual turnover.

Some of the common recruitment mistakes that are made by many firms are.


1. Rushing the hire,

2. Using unconscious bias,

3. Relying too much on referrals,

4. Relying too much on the interview only,

5. Not creating an accurate job description,

6. Hiring people less qualified than expected,

7. Rejecting an overqualified candidate,

8. Waiting for the perfect candidate,

9. Expecting too much, too soon from a new recruit,

10. Failing to consider the suitable moment to recruiting from within or without.


Knowing the potential pitfalls when recruiting new staff can help you to ensure the continued success of your organization, and the ongoing happiness of your team.

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