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We endevour to encourage you to understand our Recruitment philosophy:


..................... to persistently , passionately and positively contribute to towards JOB candidates lives while contributing towards our clients (employers) HR objectives ..................


Our view is that JOB CANDIDATES (not Seekers) are our angels who visit, call, SMS, write, email, Whatsup us  messages and are our avenues to be a blessings to them while we are being humbly used to transform their lives ........ therefore when contracting with employers we request that :


"Since the issue of unemployment is touchy and a major challenge in the country and the international scenario at large, candidates shall be treated with due respect, care, understanding and professionalism by both parties  (Us - Hublink  and Employers) without failure or negligence".


and therefore .................


"Employment candidate  is required to commit her/ him self in writing and before accepting our clients letter of offer that he or she will not only respectively handle the employment matters with his or her employer but that is Obligated and Beholden to work following our core values of Integrity, Teamwork, Exceptional Performance, Learning and Innovations"


The above are insisted on during our engagements with:

1. Employers before contracting with us in talent search (recruitment) activities, through our process of recruitment , later probation period and can include other processes like attending staff awarding ceremonies, discipline procedure, training, inclusion process and staff departure.


2. Employment candidates through the recruitment processes (job advert, shortlisting, interviewing (by Hublink and later employer) reference checks, negotiations, signing of offer letters, reporting and while going through probation period.


3. During our post employment visits to clients and our employment candidates as planned and engaged with employers.


We are therefore very particular while engaging in the sense that we do:

1. not engage in unethical and corrupt practices associated with employment process and vices of unemployment,


2. seek candidates from credible sources like competition, colleges, schools, universities and community welfare groups that are not controlled by religion , non political or/and otherwise inclined towards certain belief, conviction faith, or people that would result to discrimination of particular persons or groups


3. source persons using open methods and other processes that will allow equity and avoid nepotism, racialism, tribalism or gender discrimination and any other form of discrimination.


4. have a recruitment process strictly that follows the labor laws of the country including areas like disability act, gender balance act and tribal balance understanding among others.


5. endeavor to get best candidates with required talents skills, qualifications, experiences and other special needs that the client may require on specific talent search process.


6. reveal any information on the candidates relevant to the client that my affect the initial or future relationship with the client at employment time or in future


This philosophy is behind our recruitment services and you can get more information


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