This service excellence training course is designed to give participants the communication skills, negotiation strategies, and customer service best practices they require to take their organization from good to great levels.  The training is aimed at those organizations looking to improve their customer focus and develop their customer culture by working towards customer service excellence standards that significantly improve customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

This training programme focuses on developing a culture of customer service excellence and provides participants with a roadmap for examining and improving the service they provide at both the individual and organizational level.



This course is tailored towards developing a service culture with the following objectives

a. Understand the best practices of topnotch customer service providers

b. Understand the crucial customer service components that advance brand loyalty

c. Develop skills in engaging with customers and handling their enquiries effectively

d. Adopt a consistent, professional style when communicating with customers

e. Identify ways they that add value to customer relationships and exceed expectations

f. Practice how to turn customer service disappointment into a positive experience

g. Develop a customer-focused attitude with a continuous improvement aspect


Who should attend:

Supervisors, managers and head of departments in Customer facing staff, Business operations staff, Sales and business development teams.


The course outline

A. Proactive customer service

1. Understanding the use of body language in service delivery

2. Handling analytical, passive, expressive, aggressive and customers

3. Communication that promote a professional image

4. Active listening and questioning skills in meeting customer’s expectations

5. Building the pillars that help in achieving a culture of service excellence

6. Understanding clients’ needs and service expectations

7. Measuring internal and external customer service satisfaction

8. Using customer service as a tool to grow sales and develop business

9. The application of social media in enhancing customer service and company brand


B. Building customer relationships

a. How to build trust and loyalty - relationship triangle

b. The differentiating factors Vs competitors?

c. Ways to add value and exceed customer expectations

d. Service following up


C. Service recovery

1. Service recovery process - procedure of conclusively handling customer complaints

2. Identifying the nature of customer complaints

3. Turning disappointment into delight

4. Introducing colleagues to resolve customer service issue

5. The importance of empowering staff to manage customer complaints

6. Managing emotions in demanding and stressful circumstances


D. developing a customer service excellence culture

a. Basic principles of the kaizen approach

b. Tenets of continuous improvement in creating a excellence service delivery culture

c. Customer service teams and the best mental attitude towards service delivery


We issue a Certificate of completion to all delegates who attend and complete the training sessions.


To register

To ensure that you conveniently enjoy this course book and request for reservation of slots for yourself or team by calling or emailing via


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