The focus of the program is to build effective interpersonal relationship skills that can help organizations succeed even in the highly charged work environment that may be stressful and full of pressure to highly perform. In the current competitive business environment, staff are under pressure to maintain the momentum in business development and make a difference in their work through excellent work and colleagues. 

Our Program offers advanced  skills that reflects on the individual ability to inter relate with others and we help you in developing and refining your team skills that you need for them to more effectively ‘self-manage’ .  This three-day workshop is designed to provide the participants with techniques and skills that will enhance their effectiveness in relating with others including colleagues and clients.


The detailed program is separated in three sections

a. Emotional Intelligence

b. Conflict in workplace

c. Stress management


1. Emotional Intelligence

This course is intended to help delegates manage their emotions, understand colleagues’ emotions and how to deal with them in the heat of intense pressure and stressful work situations. This reduces emotional outburst or impulsive behavious that may result to deep regrets, affecting personal and team performance.


Course content

This very interactive and practical seminar is tailored towards helping one to communicate personal feelings effectively without creating a situations where others my misunderstand you thereby creating interpersonal conflict and delegates will learn:

a. Components and the importance of emotional intelligence; self-awareness, self-management, self-motivation, empathy, social skills in business performance

b. Becoming aware of Emotional triggers and the art of being emotionally self-aware and recognizing when emotions are getting the better of your work.

c. Influencing skills by use of the right and appropriate emotional responses and logic

d. Effective listening and communication techniques in an emotionally charged situation

e. The craft of building long lasting healthy relationships (work-wise and socially) by tactfully managing the emotions of others.

f. Taking responsibility for your actions and turning negatives into positives

g. Coping with real life stressful situations and how to inspire others towards positive organizational change

h. Self – evaluation test; your strengths, weakness and honest self-assessment

i. The proven technique of influencing and inspiring team loyalty


2.  Conflict in workplace


The broad goal of this program is to assist delegates to learn how to manage conflict and practice ways to achieve win-win resolution by use of a mixture of theory and practical exercises designed to help them to create more effective outcomes.


Course Overview

a. Current strategies for handling conflict in the workplace

b. Defining confrontation

c. Identifying where you focus your attention and energy

d. Role of managing conflict in the workplace

e. Current conflict resolution strategies

f. Presentation, practice sessions in pairs with co-coaching, facilitated group review

g. Recognising different styles and ones preferred way of dealing with conflict

h. Identifying the impact of different conflict styles

i. Process for managing conflict and tactics of developing resolution skills

j. Recognising contributions and potential conflict management strategies to change outcome


3. Corporate Stress Management in Workplace

This program delivers trademarked stress management skills that are unmatched through highly interactive learning environment. Participants apply these stress management training skills to getting more of what’s important to them done in less time.


Course Content

1. In depth dialogue of what stress is, stress vs pressure, recognising signs

2. Symptoms of stress and effects on organization, behaviour, mental, emotional & physical well-being

3. What makes us react in certain ways in stressful situations.

4. External & Internal sources of stress

5. Strategies to recognise & deal with stress

6. Exercises to help develop stress management skills, including how to switch off the body's stress response when necessary


The coverage 

We are offering a very attractive investment for the three days to include:

1. Meals – Morning Tea, Lunch (Buffet), Afternoon Tea (1600 Hours)

2. Training Materials – Flip Charts, Writing materials, notes, handouts,

3. Venue – at an excellent hotel in Nairobi near CBD to facilitate travels

4. Training Equipment’s – Including LCD

5. Hublink Trainers’ facilitation - Experienced experts

6. Certification – Certificate of participation will be given to all participants



We believe in executing this program we shall be able to establish a concrete and a precise long term business relationship aimed at creating a win-win situation  since we have confidence we will deliver.

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Tailor Made Programmes

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